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Snowfox trackerphone goes naturally with your family’s daily life. With Snowfox, you can know where your loved ones are and how to reach them. It’s not only a high performance locator, it is also a phone.

Snowfox is very small and can be easily placed with your loved one: in the pocket, backpack, handbag or wear it on the neck. Oh, and it is also very pretty!

Snowfox Family & Application

3G voice calls and A-GPS locating: You can locate your children in real-time with Snowfox trackerphone, and also reach them by calling!
Automatic notifications: Snowfox makes your daily life easier. It notifies you of important events: when your loved one moves in Places marked on the map, or when the trackerphone’s battery is running low.
Own Places: You can mark your favourite or restricted areas on the map. You can set Places where the trackerphone is in Silent mode.
Extend your Snowfox Family: You can connect up to four Family Members to your Snowfox Family, and an unlimited amount of Snowfox trackerphones to the Family.
Location history and Event timeline: Snowfox trackerphone lets you know your loved one's location history on the map (latest 20 coordinates), and lists latest Events in the application timeline.
Map views: Normal, Satellite and combined view.
Simple pricing: Snowfox comes in a simple & clear pricing model, we support almost any kind of credit card
Ready out-of-the-box: Snowfox setup takes only few minutes: buy the device from your retailer, download the Snowfox application, register, scan the QR-code delivered in the sales package and start using Snowfox!

Snowfox trackerphone

Easy one-button control: one press sends all Snowfox Family Members a notification “Eliah is thinking of you”, a longer press (3-sec) sends a call request to all Family Members. The device can only be turned off by the Family members via the application.

Accurate A-GPS locating
3G voice calls
Up to 1-week battery life
Small & Easy-to-carry
Weatherproof (designed to meet IP54)


Size: 50 x 50 x 12.5mm
Weight: 37 g
Operating time: up to one week with typical use (820mAh battery)
Integrated SIM (embeddedSIM)
2 colour choices: pink and blue
MicroUSB charging


Cellular: (3G 900/2100 MHz, 2G 900/1800 MHz)
US variant available (3G 850/1900 MHz, 2G 850/1900 MHz)
Phone feature and Call request button
Real-time locating (A-GPS, 30-sec interval)
Smart Wakeup –feature optimizes battery life
Weatherproof (designed to meet IP54)
LED notification light: charging light, call request and one-press notifications

Applications for iOS and Android
Automated notifications of moving in Own Places
Event timeline
Snowfox Family