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Snowfox trackerphone goes naturally with your family’s daily life. With Snowfox, you can know where your loved ones are and quickly reach them when needed.

It’s not only a high performance locator, it is also a phone, allowing you to easily communicate at any time. Snowfox is portable and can be taken along with any adventure. Put it in the pocket, backpack, handbag or wear it on the neck.


Snowfox Family & Application

3G voice calls and GPS Positioning

 You can locate your loved ones in real-time with Snowfox trackerphone, go one step further and reach them by calling!

Automatic notifications

Snowfox makes your daily life easier. It notifies you of important events such as your loved one moving into marked places on the map, or when the trackerphone’s battery is running low.

Own Places

You can mark your favorite or restricted areas on the map. You also have the ability to set places where the trackerphone is in Silent mode.

Extend your Snowfox Family

You can connect up to four Family Members to your Snowfox Family, as well as an unlimited amount of Snowfox trackerphones.

Location history & Event timelines

Snowfox trackerphone lets you view your loved one’s location history on the map (last 20 coordinates), and lists recent events in the application timeline.

Map views

Snowfox supports a variety of views such as normal, satellite and combined view.


Simple pricing

Snowfox comes in a simple & clear pricing model, we support almost any kind of credit card.

Ready out-of-the-box

Setting up Snowfox takes only a few minutes: buy the device from your retailer, download the Snowfox application, register, scan the QR-code delivered in the sales package and start using Snowfox! Quick, easy, and affordable!

Snowfox trackerphone

Easy one-button control: one press sends all Snowfox Family Members a notification “Eliah is thinking of you”, a longer press (3-sec) sends a call request to all Family Members. The device can only be turned off by the Family members via the application.

Accurate A-GPS locating
3G voice calls
Up to 1-week battery life
Small & Easy-to-carry
Weatherproof (designed to meet IP54)


Size: 50 x 50 x 12.5mm
Weight: 37 g
Operating time: up to one week with typical use (820mAh battery)
Integrated SIM (embeddedSIM)
2 colour choices: pink and blue
MicroUSB charging


Cellular: (3G 900/2100 MHz, 2G 900/1800 MHz)
US variant available (3G 850/1900 MHz, 2G 850/1900 MHz)
Phone feature and Call request button
Real-time locating (A-GPS, 30-sec interval)
Smart Wakeup –feature optimizes battery life
Weatherproof (designed to meet IP54)
LED notification light: charging light, call request and one-press notifications

Applications for iOS and Android
Automated notifications of moving in Own Places
Event timeline
Snowfox Family