How to set up your Snowfox device

1. Installing the mobile application

The Snowfox Family application is available through Google Play and App Store. Download and install the application.

2. Creating an account

Create an account according to the instructions in the application.

NOTE: Your phone number must be in international format starting with ‘+’, followed by the country code.


3. Taking the service in use

Choose “Add tracker” from application and scan the QR code from the quick guide (inside sales box).

Service registration starts and may take up to 15 minutes. During that time take Snowfox and connect it to a charger.

4. Charging Snowfox

Connect Snowfox to a USB charger.

Let Snowfox charge full (charging LED goes green). It takes about an hour.

Call LED will glow white while service registration is ongoing.

LED will turn off when registration is done and Snowfox is ready for use.

NOTE: If white LED doesn’t turn off within 15 minutes, restart Snowfox by pressing the button for 30 sec.


5. Locating Snowfox

Press the Snowfox button once to receive the “is thinking about you” message to the application and to test the data connection.

Start using Snowfox outdoors or near a window to acquire the first GPS fix.

NOTE: GPS location is only acquired when Snowfox is moving.

Snowfox button functionality and LED indicators


1 sec button press: “is thinking about you” message to the application.

3 sec button press: “Call me” request to the application.

Restart: hold down the button for 30 seconds.

Power on: hold down the button for 2-3 seconds.

NOTE: Powering off Snowfox happens only from Snowfox owner’s account. Snowfox must be powered off where hand held electronic devices are not allowed (e.g. on airplanes).


Call LED

White light: Connecting to network.

Short Red blink with a button press: Snowfox is powered off.

Blue blinking with a 1 sec button press: Sending “is thinking about you” message to the application.

Blue blinking with a 3 sec button press: Sending “Call me” request to the application.

Green blinking: Incoming call.

Green fast blinking: Missed call.

Green/Red blinking: SW update ongoing.


Charging LED

Green light: Battery full.

Red light: Charging.

Red blinking with a button press: Battery level low, connect the device to a charger.


Creating allowed or restricted places

Choose Places from the settings.

Tap the + button to add a new place.

NOTE: Due to GPS accuracy limitations, place alerts might not work well for very small defined areas.

Assigning places to Snowfox: Choose the device, go to settings view, tap + , choose places and assign a desired place to the desired device.

Added places are shown in the settings view as “Place activation is pending” until the next Snowfox event.

NOTE: If you have one or more Places set as “Ringtone off” and Snowfox location is not acquired, Snowfox will remain silent until it gets a location fix.

Adding guardians to Snowfox

Snowfox owner may add up to four (4) guardians to Snowfox from the device settings + Invite guardian

NOTE: The guardian’s phone number must be in an international format (starting with +). Country entry codes (e.g. 00, 002, 011, 010) do not work.

You can also send a guardian invite via SMS. SMS contains a link to Google Play or App Store in case your guardian doesn’t already have the application.

NOTE: You can cancel a pending invite by choosing the invited guardian and accepting the invite cancellation.

You may also remove the guardian from the device settings. After removal this person cannot see Snowfox’s information in his/her application anymore.

Calling your loved one

Tap the phone icon in device view.

NOTE: As a safety feature, hanging up the call from Snowfox is disabled.

Timeline alerts

Timeline alerts are received when logged into the application. Alerts can be dismissed (and commented) in the device view by tapping the exclamation point or by calling to Snowfox. Battery alerts are dismissed automatically when Snowfox battery is fully charged.