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Snowfox provides full comprehensive systems which allow any business to get up and running quickly!


Businesses see improved punctuality while using GPS tracking


Businesses say GPS solutions of vital to their continued growth

Snowfox provides a comprehensive tracking solution which can meet any of your businesses GPS needs. Snowfox is able to provide small and accurate sensors which can keep track of any employee or client in real-time. These systems can be integrated into 3rd party apps & dashboards to bring a complete package to GPS tracking.








Your business can benefit from emergency calls, zone sectioning, and location pinging all in one device. This device is perfect for keeping track of frail care patients or workers on a large construction site. Keeping your employees safe should be a priority; not a luxury!


Our sensors are able to provide viable information to any business wishing to keep track of individuals. The devices may be small but Snowfox knows the importance of knowing where people are as well as maintaining contact at all times, that’s why we have packed a powerful battery which can last for up to a week on a single charge, meaning low maintenance and low cost without compromising on functionality! 


  • GPS

  • LTE

  • Voice Calls

  • Real-Time Locating

All these features work in unison to bring a fully encompassing tool into your business. The device is not only limited to employees but has proven to be useful with clients too!




The intuitive design allows for easy linking to many control systems, meaning you can integrate this tool into your main development workflow! Snowfox also offers their own feature filled dashboard which is optimized to suit the needs of even the busiest businesses.





Old Age/Care Homes



Vehicle Fleets






Emergency Responders



Large Corporates



Any business that has an employee!


The Snowfox dashboard provides all the utilities you need to take full advantage of our devices. Allowing for unlimited devices, the dashboard can monitor a few high profile staff or an entire employee roster. Our dashboard can be accessed easily from any computer and can be paired with our smartphone application to provide a mobile tracking platform wherever you go! 

Snowfox’s Dashboard can also be used in a variety of consumer applications. The centralized dashboard allows for the viewing of many different devices simultaneously. Snowfox is integrated with Thingsee to provide a complete and comprehensive solution to devices beyond our own range, allowing you to keep everything right at the touch of your finger-tips.

This technology has been useful in tracking the movements of patients in hospitals, the whereabouts of residents in old age homes, as well as locating construction workers who are navigating vast complexes. The possibilities seem endless as they allow for increased safety in many situations. 

To find out how Snowfox can help your business, contact us today so we can have a chat!

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